Kismet play songs and tunes inspired by the land and a wild feminine soul.

Kismet started out as ‘3 women, 3 voices, many instruments’. They formed in 2001 when Kath, Jackie and Melissa met at Kath’s house in the Cotswolds to share lunch and play some Celtic and Eastern European tunes. Twelve years later they have produced four CDs, put on uncountable local concerts and ceilidhs, delivered two major community composition projects with funding from BBC and Arts Council, alongside bringing up 5 children between them.

Jon Fletcher (guitar / bass) joined in 2009, so the band could spread their wings into providing ceilidhs. While these have been very popular, especially the unique ‘Day of the Dead Ceilidh’, Kismet has continued to write new material for intimate concerts too. In 2012 they were invited by Peggy Seeger to accompany her in a gala concert at Pegasus Theatre.

Kath Lucas (voice/whistles/clarinet)
conducts community choirs, and specializes in writing for vocal harmonies. She brings the wind instruments to the band, and a mischievous sense of humour.

Jackie Singer
(voice/violin/mandola) brings many of her songs to the band, harvested from inner journeys in nature and on retreat. In her other work she’s a storyteller, celebrant and healer. www.jackiesinger.co.uk

Melissa Holding (voice/accordion/piano/koto) writes off-beat tunes on accordion, provides exquisite piano solos and occasionally gets out her magical koto (Japanese harp). She moonlights with Okeanos, a contemporary music group, who play in concert halls and sometimes get on Radio 3.

Jon Fletcher (voice/guitar/bass) has a flourishing solo career and also plays with Lisa Fitzgibbon, as well as managing a recording studio.

Together they create the warm, nourishing, sound-world that is Kismet.

“Balm for the Soul” Oxford Folk Festival